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"Your premium brand had better be delivering something special,
or it's not going to get the business."
- Warren Buffett
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In a Nutshell...

Just REMEMBER: a logo can save you time and money by giving you a head-start in marketing your business. The opposite is also true. Using multiple logos or no logo at all requires you to spend more money promoting your business as each one looks like a different company.

So, if you are wondering why you should consider a branding and identity system, consider these benefits:
  • To help people remember your company.
  • To look "bigger" and "established."
  • To be able to charge more for your "Better Brand".
  • To attract more (and better) customers.
  • To convey that you are reputable.
  • To better explain your line of business.
  • To give your business a "personality".
  • To differentiate you from your competition.
Do's, Don'ts and Myths

So, if you've gotten this far, you must be seriously considering building a proper foundation from which to grow your company or product. When considering your new identity remember the following basics:
  • Keep your logo simple. I mean VERY simple. The more complicated it is, the harder it will be to remember. A couple colors and as few words as possible. You don't legally HAVE to put "Inc.", "Incorporated", "LLC" , "Since 2008", etc. with it. Small companies tend to think this makes them look "bigger", but I feel it only makes the logo busy and harder to remember. Here are a few corporations... McDonald's, FedEx, Sears, Walmart... you get the picture, none have "inc".
  • Try to standardize fonts and typestyles that appear routinely in your marketing materials. Use only a select few. (I will make recommendations as the logo is being designed.)
  • Keep your logo simple. Yes I said it twice. It's that important. Your logo will be used on a business card or very large on a billboard. It will be copied and sent through a fax, so it needs to be able to visually hold up and convert to black and white.
  • Do not let someone in your office, a nephew, or any other inexperienced person design your logo. Just because they might have WORD, MS Paint or other software on their computer that lets them design and print greeting cards doesn't qualify them to create a logo that is truely "branding worthy."
  • Don't use MS Word or other PC software clipart as a logo. You'll never be able to trademark it and who knows, your low budget competitor down the street may have just made the same one.
  • Don't use a lot of wording in a logo. A "catch phrase" or "tagline" should always be a separate entity.
  • "Branding is expensive and only for big companies." WRONG. If you are just a guy with a mower, but dream of having 20 guys mowing lawns in t-shirts with your logo emblazoned on them, now is when to start. Remember, your brand isn't just the logo, it's your overall image.
  • "Branding is only important for consumer products like food." No Way. Again, a brand is a state-of mind put into the minds of your prospective "customers". Or, if you are a dentist or plastic surgeon, your prospective "patients".
  • "If I insist on a really elaborate logo, I'll be getting more for my money." Not True. Again, we are trying to get people to remember your company as fast and permanently as possible. A simple logo is easy to remember. If a logo is complex and confusing it becomes less memorable. You end up spending more money just trying to get it to "stick" in people's minds. Actually ask any designer... Simple and effective is a lot harder to acheive than complicated "over done" designs.
A Quick Word About Websites...

Yes, this section of my site is meant for very small or new companies who want to get started with a new look and feel, as well as probably being on a tight budget. After your logo, you'll need some printing done, etc. But, I feel consideration should be given at the outset as to the value and neccessity of a website. Even a one page site. Most people these days look for businesses online. I'm almost surprised when I get a new phone book in the mail. Frankly, a lot of people are amazed, as am I, when a company doesn't have even the simplest site. It makes the business seem almost "fly-by-night" or a flash-in-the-pan. For instance, if my wife wants to try a new restaurant for dinner, we automatically get online for their hours, directions, menu, etc. If they don't have a website, we usually go to a place that does have one. If you are a lanscape company, home remodeler, auto body shop or that type of business, wouldn't a few before and after photos on a small website help showcase the quality of your work? Every business should have a website these days. The best way for your company to look outdated or "behind the times" is to not have a basic website.

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